The miniloan without payroll, the best option for unemployed people

The work situation has become very complicated, and nowadays having work is something that is practically considered a lucky situation.


But people who are currently unemployed can also have unforeseen expenses (the receipt of the light, the car insurance, some fine, etc.), and obviously a conventional bank would refuse to grant a personal loan to a person without work.

On the other hand, non-payroll miniloan is a simple and effective option to get cash money even without a payroll. People who are currently unemployed may have other forms of income such as, for example, through casual work or through the sale of personal belongings. Therefore, a person without payroll also has the opportunity to resort to a fast loan to cover a specific expense.

Quick miniloan is a quick and effective option to access a determined amount of money for a certain period of time. Anyone, whether or not they work, may need to resort at some time to this type of loan to cover an expense that requires money immediately.

Once the fast loan is requested and approved, the only thing to do is to be aware of the day of return of the borrowed money to enter the amount that has been agreed upon when requesting the money. The less time it takes to return the money, the lower the interest payable, so it is always recommended to study the loan well in order to request it at the right time, with the certainty that it will be possible to return said money in a short period of time .

To request a fast loan without payroll, it is necessary to have the following documentation:

  • DNI or residence permit, with all the information (name, surname, address, etc.)
  • Bank account (both the account number and the name of the bank)

With these simple documents, you can access the quick loan application. Once all the data is filled out, the system automatically manages to determine the user’s solvency to decide if it is suitable for granting the miniloan .