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As a part of the grantseeking community, you know how important it is to stay on top of trends.

The State of Grantseeking Survey spotlights recent developments in funding so that organizations can be more strategic in their grantseeking.

The resulting free reports, published in May and November, can serve as a valuable benchmark for organizations to review their grantseeking efforts, and will provide leading-edge information months earlier than other annual surveys.

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An Introduction to the State of Grantseeking

Whether you manage a nonprofit organization, an educational institution, or a government agency, there is one truth that is self-evident: there is never enough money to do the good work you feel you need to do. So, we all ask ourselves these questions:

  • Who will fund my organization?
  • What is a reasonable level of funding to expect for my organization?
  • Does my budget, location, or mission affect my organization’s ability to be awarded grants?

The primary goal of the twice-yearly State of Grantseeking survey and report that we conduct at GrantStation is to help you understand the recent trends in grantseeking, and how you can use those trends to grow your organization. The information in our report can serve as benchmarks for you to compare your grantseeking efforts with those of other organizations like yours. We’re pleased to be able to share this information with you, to assist you in your good work.

About the State of Grantseeking™ Survey and Report

What is the State of Grantseeking™ survey?
Surveys are all about numbers. And the numbers can’t tell the right story if only a few people participate or if those that do participate don’t reflect the entire field of study. The information generated by the survey can be used as a steering mechanism for organizational growth, and as a real-word lens, to ensure that your organization stays competitive in the world of philanthropy.

What do you get out of participating in this bi-annual survey?
First, and foremost, the survey provides benchmarks on grantseeking to use as a guidepost foryour own grantseeking success. Second, the field in which you work and the mission of your organization will be better represented in the overall survey results if you participate, which means that the survey analysis will be more relevant to your work. Overall, the survey is an excellent way to exchange information with others working in the nonprofit sector.

What are the benefits of participating?
Survey respondents are the first to receive the State of Grantseeking™ reports and analysis. The overview allows you to see where your organization fits into the national grantseeking picture. Having that national perspective gives you sound bites to use for general discussions about grantseeking and how it should fit into your overall development plan. However, the drilldowns by budget and mission (fact sheets) will be the most helpful, as they allow you to compare your own organization to others working in your field. The information shared in the survey analysis can give you actual actionable items to help build your development efforts. 

What does this cost?

About 15 minutes of your time, and a whole lot of your knowledge! You are in a position to share information with your colleagues working in the nonprofit sector. What you know is very important, so please don’t underestimate the value of your personal knowledge.

What if I have feedback on the survey?

Tell us! Our survey has been shaped by the comments from our respondents. We have added questions and categories based on requests which we have received. Our author Ellen Mowrer would love to hear your thoughts.

About the author

Photo of Ellen Mowrer
Ellen Mowrer
Ellen works with both clients and the GrantStation team in program adoption and management. In addition, she is responsible for marketing, finances, human resources, and The State of Grantseeking ™ Survey and Reports. Ellen is on the board of Music for Everyone, and is active in the fight against puppy mills. Contact Ellen to learn more about our Partner Programs, marketing, and surveys.
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