Save your loan, ask for an extension

What is an extension?

The extension is a postponement of your commitment to pay , is to grant a few days, whether you have an unforeseen and can not cope with the payment of the loan or simply can not cover the total of the debt on the deadline. The great advantage of an extension is that you do not become a delinquent debtor with what you avoid the charges for morisity and even avoid the one that reports your loan as overdue to the Credit Information Societies of Mexico.

* Request the extension within 3 days before or maximum up to 3 days after the original expiration date of your loan.

* You can extend the expiration of your loan 7, 14, or in some cases up to 30 more days.

* You have up to 3 extensions per loan, and each generates an additional commission to the total amount owed.

What do I have to do to request it?

It’s very easy, follow these 3 steps:

1. Within 3 days before the expiration of the term of your loan enter the portal on the button My Account with your PIN number. Within this access you can find the options of extensions to which you are entitled, select the one that suits your needs .

2. Direct Pay the extension fee (DO NOT wait for a notice to arrive) Use the same account number and reference number that was assigned to you in the original loan, and send us the payment ticket to the mail. Remember that you have up to 3 days after the expiration date to make the payment

3. Once you have paid and sent the extension payment ticket, wait for the approval by means of an E-Mail (in less than 24 hours), where we will indicate that the extension has been APPROVED   with the new expiration date of your loan.

Now you know, it’s better to ask for an extension than to be a defaulter!

You can consult more information in the Frequently Asked Questions section