Posts by Jill Cochran

Diary of a Social Media Rookie
November 7, 2017

Your social media followers want to see more than repetitive, self-promotional posts.

Diary of a Social Media Rookie
October 10, 2017

One of the benefits of social media is the ability to learn from experts in your field, to connect with others who are passionate about the same causes, and to have access...

Diary of a Social Media Rookie
September 11, 2017

Have you noticed fewer likes, shares, and reach on your social media posts?

Diary of a Social Media Rookie
August 15, 2017

When you have something you want people to know, how do you get them to pay attention and remember what you say?

A DIY Adventure Guide
April 17, 2017

I recently told an acquaintance about my new job, and he laughed.

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