Mini loan online in an instant

Mini loan is the denomination given to the type of loan that we can provide in quantitative terms.


We offer relatively small amounts that can solve daily life problems such as a car repair, a phone bill or why not? pay a weekend getaway.

We put your line of mini loans at your service. They are the perfect solution for fast money. To get your loan and enjoy up to 900 euros in a few minutes , you just have to follow the following process:

  • indicate the amount you wish to request
  • indicate the term of return
  • Fill out the form you will find on our website
  • add some personal information such as the date of birth, DNI / NIE
  • email address
  • mobile phone number

You can look at the entire application process in the How It Works section.

To make the return of your loan is even easier. The financial institution that has granted you the loan will send you all the necessary information. Usually all you need to do is deposit the value agreed upon in the indicated bank account.

We always remind our customers that there is no cost for the We service . Any type of payment must be made addressed to the institution chosen by you.

With us, you can easily get your money fast without leaving your home: get your micro loans from your mobile or tablet. It’s easy, quick and also secure to ask for your online loan .

Many people have obtained their loans with us for unforeseen expenses or for little guilts. The online mini loans are so fast because it is not necessary to show any documentation. We do not ask about your work situation, or about what you are going to do with the loan.


Regardless of where you choose to look for your loan, it must always be a responsible decision. Before confirming your request, make a check if it is possible to return the money in time and form. We has the objective of taking responsible loans.

In our Commitment section, you can check that in addition to your part for the analysis of the loan, we also bring a series of points that direct our business and our way of acting.

In addition, our Good Practices and our Privacy Policy guarantee the best search and comparison service for loans throughout Spain.

Then, with a safe, easy, fast and 100% online service, what are you waiting for to make your request?

Request your Mini loan now and do not worry!