Borrow and recommend! You can make money on loans in these companies

Making Money On Loans? It seems that this is only possible from the point of view of the loan company. It turns out that this is not necessarily the case and it is not about investing in social loans. You can also earn a regular internet loan without any obligations or signing contracts. All you have to do is recommend a specific loan to your friends. It is very easy.

What do you need to do to benefit?

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Each loyalty program is an internal decision and marketing strategy of a particular loan company. Therefore, you can find a wide range of options to choose from. The easiest way that most institutions adhere to is of course access to larger amounts of money or a longer repayment period and is available in virtually every payday loan company, although it can also happen with installment loans.

Recommend with Jenny Credit and earn

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If you already have one repaid loan, you can use the option of recommending the loan to your friends. This does not have to be the case for the next loan or other options. A referral is an independent, separate product that does not require any commitment on the part of the borrower. He only logs in to his profile on the company’s website and use the “earn with Jenny Credit” tab. Then he enters the phone number or email address of a friend who Jenny Credit will send an offer of free payday pay on behalf of the borrower. If a friend decides to take a loan, Jenny Credit will pay the referrer USD 30 directly to his bank account.

Each borrower can recommend a loan to their up to 200 monthly friends! This means that you can earn up to 6,000 zlotys. It’s a really big amount that you don’t really see in any other loyalty programs. It is true that finding 200 friends who would like to take advantage of the Jenny Credit offer is not an easy thing to do, but very often the borrowers’ ingenuity and entrepreneurship can really amaze.

More for borrowing via Via SMS

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Similar principles of making money on referrals also apply in Via SMS, except that for each friend earned, the borrower may receive USD 50. In this case, a daily limit of sending invitations is introduced and it is 30. Of course, you can only recommend to those friends who have not yet borrowed via Via SMS and to those who have given their consent. We do not advise sending invitations to every known person – some may get nervous about receiving such proposals and in the event of any claims on their part, Via SMS will result in the person recommending it.