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At GrantStation, we want to make sure our community is up-to-speed on the what’s happening in the world of philanthropy. This blog features the thoughts and observations of our research staff, our CEO, and guest writers. It gives us the opportunity to share our insights as we research grantmakers and talk with grantseekers.

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About the Blog Contributors

Photo of Cynthia Adams
Cynthia M. Adams
President and CEO
Cynthia has spent the past 40 years helping nonprofit organizations raise the money needed to do their good work. She founded GrantStation in 1999 because she believes that grantseeking requires a thorough understanding of the variety and scope of grantmakers and a sound knowledge of the philanthropic playing field. With a strong background in journalism, Cindy is keen on unearthing new philanthropic trends as well as questioning traditional processes and systems. Most importantly, she has a passion for sharing these new insights with others.

Photo of Kevin Peters

Kevin Peters
Research Specialist
Kevin joined GrantStation in 2006 and is a senior member of the research staff. Kevin works on GrantStation's U.S. and state databases, and researches federal listings for the GrantStation Insider. Kevin’s experience has been in technical writing, web development, and teaching writing and grammar at the university level and overseas.

Photo of David Preis

David Preis
Director of Operations
David has been serving as the Director of Operations for GrantStation since 2012. He manages our membership programs, customer service, and various projects. David brings over 20 years of business process experience with organizations such as Thrivent Financial, Best Buy, North Country Grocery Cooperative, and Minneapolis Elections.

Photo of Jeremy Smith

Jeremy Smith
Communications and Technology Director
Jeremy became part of the GrantStation team in 2008 and acts as the Director of Communications and Technology. He maintains the various websites under the GrantStation umbrella as well as the GrantStation Insider and International Insider newsletter mailings and programs. Jeremy has ten years of experience in radio; in his spare time he hosts a weekly, tech-focused radio program called General Protection Fault.
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